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Album Review: ACLU Music For Everyone

In  a time where our political administration is fighting against progress and equality we as citizens must be as vigilante as ever to make our voices heard. That’s why the ACLU and Taking Back Sunday’s John Nolan combined forces with your favorite musicians to show how much of an impact music can have. With additional help from Hopeless Records, Collective Confusion Records, and non-profit Sub City, the compilation is compiled of rare unreleased songs from artists like Taking Back Sunday, Anthony Green, Kevin Devine, and Sleep On It. The benefit album is pay what you can starting at $10 and is available on bandcamp.

John Nolan had this to say about the CD: “In the next four years, there is a lot of potential to see policies that will discriminate against people of color, Muslims, women and the LGBT community… The ACLU has a long history of fighting discriminatory and unconstitutional policies and I wanted to do something to unite people in support of that fight.”

The 27 track album has numerous highlights. The compilation kicks off with a never before heard demo track by Anti-Flag entitled “Buried the Shame.”A band known for being fearless about speaking on injustice, Anti-Flag wasn’t holding their tongue on this track.  Track three features an acoustic song by Taking Back Sunday called “Just the Man.” The swoon worthy song showcases their more mature sound. The track is filled with folk and americana influences. Track 12 is the hauntingly beautiful song “Spanish Moss” by  Anthony Green. Green’s mesmerizing vocals on top of a lullaby-esque melody will captive you from start to finish. Pop punk’s newest sensation Sleep On It makes their appearance on track 26 with their song “Memorial Day.” The cathartic track starts off slow with vocalist Zech Pluister bearing his  soul and slowly crescendos to a bombastic full band piece.

Music For Everyone is a compilation full of songs about overcoming adversity for hopes of a better future. 100% of the proceeds will go to American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).  The ACLU has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States. Equality for all is their motto and with your help we can make a change by donating to a great cause.



1. Anti-Flag – Buried The Shame (DEMO) 01:47
2. Chris Farren – Always 01:58
3. Taking Back Sunday – Just A Man 03:36
4. Potty Mouth – Twisted 02:56
5. Travis Hayes – Honest Man (Live At Nu-Tone) 03:44
6. Gift Of Gab (ft. Taking Back Sunday) – When Justice Comes 02:37
7. Kevin Devine – Both Ways (Acoustic) 02:58
8. Dave Hause – Season’s Greetings From Ferguson 03:14
9. Allison Weiss – Break My Heart 02:41
10. Brett Newski – I’m Paranoid 02:43
11. Brendan Kelly And The Wandering Birds – Boardin’ USA 02:10
12. Anthony Green – Spanish Moss 03:30
13. James Dewees & John Nolan – Believe In Me 03:28
14. Frank Iero – Getting Into Heaven Can Be Hell 02:04
15. Modern Chemistry – The OverThinker 03:24
16. Baggage – Half Full 04:05
17. Secret Space – Point Of Change 02:57
18. Jared Hart – Heads Or Tails 04:02
19. Cameron Boucher – sinn 02:09
20. Dead Heavens – Straight Outta Blindness 03:36
21. The Republic Of Wolves – Birdless Cage 05:32
22. Answering Machine – City Of Glass 02:38
23. Cassino – Corvette 05:14
24. Rationale – Space Angela 02:58
25. Gravel Kings – American Skies 03:50
26. Sleep On It – Memorial Day 04:32
27. Lolo – The Day After Tomorrow 05:27



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