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There are some underground/independent bands you come across that are so amazing you begin to ask, why aren’t they famous yet?  Maryland outfit Dreamcatcher is that band. Hailing from Baltimore, Dreamcatcher is the by-product of Bryan Czap’s departure from The Dangerous Summer. Czap left the Dangerous Summer in 2012 following the release of War Paint. Czap’s guitar leads shaped the sound of the Dangerous Summer and now he’s taking his skills to create a new signature sound for Dreamcatcher. On December 10th, 2013 Dreamcatcher released their first EP entitled Wanderlust. The eight track EP was co-produced by Dreamcatcher, Kenny Eaton, and Baltimore mega producer Paul Leavitt(All Time Low, The Dangerous Summer, We Are The In Crowd, Have Mercy).

It’s rare to find an artists/band that doesn’t have a bad song in their repertoire, however Dreamcatcher is that band. Each song on their EP Wanderlust is incredible and their new single “Gun” takes their exceptional talent to the next level. The guitar tones are so powerful you literally get lost in every song they create. Chelsea Tyler’s voice is so warm and soothing she can sing you to sleep, The band is slowly creating a trademark sound where ambient and ethereal music intertwine with alt-rock.

Dreamcatcher will release their first full length in 2016. “Gun”, which was also produced by Leavitt is the lead single from the album. Dreamcatcher is a band you should not sleep on.




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